Sterling College has a long and rich history.  Craftsbury Common has an even longer history.  The life that has been lived here, the people that have passed through this place, the lives that have been changed as a result of what they learned here are amazing to think about.  Time has this way of rounding edges, polishing and revealing the true essence of a place – or a person, come to think of it – and the stunning details that abound at Sterling College are many.  Here is an image of a small part of Paradise Hall, Sterling’s wood shop.

15747103399_814e1786f8_zIt feels more like a painting than a photograph and that’s true of most of Paradise Hall.  So many working hands…


This is just a tiny taste of what is a truly special piece of Sterling.  There is quite a lot more to learn about the place and a former student, Ethan, who now enjoys wood working as a trade has promised to unlock more of the secrets & history for us soon.  As it turns out, this place shaped his college experience and he wrote a thesis about it.  Stay tuned for more on Paradise Hall (and more of the buildings on campus!).

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