Sunday is a wonderful time to be at Sterling.  I was lucky to arrive an hour early for brunch and was right on time for Coffee Club.  Mackenzie brewed a delicious coffee from Kilimanjaro we all shared a bit about the coffee, the weekend and the upcoming Holiday.

Coffee Club before brunch? Yes! #coffeeclub #kilimanjaro #delicious

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The consensus among the students I sat with that morning was that Brunch is one of the best meals of the week at Sterling.  They assured me that the metrics of ‘best’ are on a scale of ‘really good to amazing’ and they are grateful for every wonderful meal they share in Dunbar.  The board outside the kitchen read as follows, and on the seventh day..God rested and ate biscuits & gravy & eggs & disco fries & sausage & broccoli & mushrooms & onions & muffins & apple crumb and blueberry lemonade!”


With a happy, full bellies everybody dispersed for the day and I decided to follow Scotty and a fellow student down past the lean-tos where they were constructing a mandan.  I learned that a mandan is a primitive shelter similar to the diagram labeled 30 in the picture below

They were working off a built-to-scale model and shared plans to use the shelter for the next session of Coyote Kids.  It’s a wonderful thing to be in the woods when the only tools in use are hand tools since we were able to enjoy the stillness and quiet without disruption.  Click here to view more of the construction.


On the way back up to the kitchen a chorus of baby goats filled the air near the hoop barn.  If you’ve never had the pleasure to play with some baby goats, you should make time to do that asap.  The piglets were sleeping so I made let them rest and headed up for the second round of Pies for People.




I was a little bit early for the P4P (Pies for People) event so I popped by the Art Space to see how the “spontaneous art party” was going that was announced at Brunch.  The students were working on drawings for their loved ones…


The first round of Pies for People gathered students, faculty and the community and made 200! pie shells.  Bethany Dunbar generously took about half of the empty pie shells to the Food Venture Center in Hardwick while another crew remained to fill & bake the remaining pie shells.  The work went really quickly and everybody had a lot of fun working together.



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