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You are cordially invited! One of our students will be happy to host you.


NorthHouseNorth House is the former President’s residence, and practices communal, intentional living.  This house sits right on Craftsbury Common and above Sterling’s Edible Forest Garden and Glass House.


MadisonMadison House faces Kane and Dunbar Hall and houses up to 25 students. Coin-operated washers and dryers and a root cellar are located in the basement of Madison.


MerlinMerlin House houses up to 25 students.  Lounges are located on both floors and a coin-operated washer/dryer is located on the first floor. Major renovation was completed in the fall of 2000. Merlin is also home to the Wellness Center.


HoustonHouston House is next to the Brown Library. Formerly one part of the Inn on the Common, the building includes a student lounge, dining room, and extensively landscaped grounds.


South HouseSouth House, right across the street, is Sterling’s newest residence. It used to be the other half of the Inn on the Common, and before that, was a dorm for the Sterling School. It currently houses about eight students.



Hamilton House is located on the “lower campus.” Surrounded by fields and adjacent to Cedar Swamp, this residence is a short walk from the main hub of campus. This residence has rooms for up to 16 students, plus a faculty apartment. Hamilton underwent extensive environmental renovations in Summer 2011.


JeffersonJefferson House is located on the “lower campus.” Surrounded by fields and adjacent to Cedar Swamp, this residence is a short walk from the main hub of campus. This residence has rooms for up to 16 students, plus a faculty apartment. Jefferson underwent extensive environmental renovations in Summer 2011.


Some sweet students made this video way-back-when and, though things have chnaged a bit since then, we still love it and wanted to share!

Housing students under the age of 18

Sterling College residence halls provide an environment for resident students to live, work, and study. Each residence is supported by a team of Community Advisors, who are students trained in basic counseling and crisis management skills, CPR & first aid, and conflict resolution. Additionally, an administrator is on call for emergencies 24/7.

While living in the residence halls, individual students have a limited level of supervision, regardless of age. Students are expected to use good judgment at all times by following all Community Guidelines and local, state, and federal laws. Students may come and go from their residence hall, visit students in other residence halls, and make decisions about which and when guests visit them in their rooms. All residence halls (including bathrooms and shower facilities) are co-ed, and may house students of all ages. Sterling College does not have a curfew; however, individual houses may agree on a shared understanding of quiet hours.

We strongly encourage parents or legal guardians to have candid discussions with their students about understanding and following the policies and procedures of the College, local, state, and federal laws, and the need to make good decisions about being successful at college. Sterling College does not assume in loco parentis responsibility for students.Information about Vermont age of consent laws can be found here. Information about Vermont underage drinking laws can be found here.

These discussions are even more important when minors are involved. Any minor needing emergency medical treatment will be transported to the nearest facility, and will not be released without their parent or legal guardian present. Any minor choosing to engage in any type of criminal activity, including underage alcohol violations, may be placed in police custody and their parent or legal guardian will need to be present for their release. The College does not assume custody for the release of a minor. Demonstrated awareness of such considerations by the minor student, parents and legal guardians may be relevant to the College’s decision with regard to appropriate housing options for the student.


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