Say what? Sterling has an Alumni Association Board? Why yes we do!

The purpose of the Sterling College Alumni Association Board (AAB) is to perpetuate fellowship among the alumni and to promote mutual interests of Sterling School, Sterling Institute, the Grassroots Project, the School of the New American Farmstead, the Wendell Berry Farming Program of Sterling College, and Sterling College.

In recent history, the AAB has contributed to the 60 for 60 fundraising success, planned for the BA Alumni Survey, coordinated reunions, supported the Horace Strong Campaign, and consistently provided alumni feedback and perspective to the College.

Thank you to our current membership!

Andre Sandison ’86
Emma Enoch ’18
Justin Parks ’66
Laura Lea Berry ’10
Elizabeth Pecoraro ’15
Will Shakespeare ’72
Erin Lane ’00
Trey McPherson ’81
Molly Cyr ’12
Debbie Alexander ’76

Want to join? Great! Email Christina Goodwin ’02 at for more information. The Alumni Association Board meets every other month by video call and meets in Craftsbury once per year.

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