From The Farm Between, Sterling is now taking orders for plants, which will be available at The Farm Between nursery in Jeffersonville, Vermont, in the spring. We will have fruit trees, blueberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, elderberries, aronia, grapes, haskaps, nut trees, pollinator plants, strawberries, and more. View the complete list.
Please email or call 802-335-2000 to place an order or for more information. An online store will be up by mid March 2021.
In addition, Sterling is offering the scionwood varieties available for sale. Scions are approximately 8″ long and are $4 each, plus $10 shipping or free pickup at the farm.
Apples: Ashmead’s Kernel, Baldwin, Chestnut Crab, Cortland, Dabinette, Duchess, Freedom, Golden Russet, Grimes Golden, Haralson, Honeycrisp, Jonagold, Kingston Black, Liberty, Northern Spy, Nova Spy, Porter’s Perfection, Prairie Spy, Redfree, Roxbury Russet, Sansa
Pears: Flemish Beauty, Golden Spice, Patten, Summercrisp
Plums: Alderman, La Crescent, Pipestone, Superior, Toka, Waneta

Sterling students have been a part of the scion selecting and harvesting process. Learn more about how The Farm Between is serving as a classroom.


For the past 28 years The Farm Between (TFB) has been owned and operated by John and Nancy Hayden as a perennial production farm managed with an ecological mindset.  The farm encompasses multiple small orchards with polycultures of fruits and berries, a large flower meadow, five hoop houses and a historic house and barn. Sterling College has been granted an incredible opportunity to steward and advance the legacy and vision of the farm through its next phase, as the Haydens have entered retirement in the fall of 2020.


thefarmbetweenSterling College will be managing the farm as a production farm and a teaching laboratory for students interested in perennial systems, agrobiodiversity, beneficial insect habitat, marketing, and value-added food production.  The nursery, whole sale accounts and value-added food production will continue as a integrated part of curriculum and the college’s work program. In the future we hope to offer our junior and senior students the opportunity to participate in an Advanced Farm Practicum (AFP) option centered around running the Farm Between, and explore what an ecological, perennial, polycultural farming model for the future could look like. Students will participate in all aspects of the farm such as crop management, research projects, value-added food production, and marketing, as well as sales. In the future, the farm will also function as an incubator for Sterling graduates who successfully complete the AFP program with a strong business plan. This spring semester the farm will house students studying ice climbing on Mount Mansfield, Agroforestry Systems, Value-Added Food Production and Ecological Management of Fruit, Nuts and Berries.  The farm will also serve as a site for day and overnight trips for a number of other classes.

thefarmbetweenFor an inside description of TFBs interlinked systems, see the article, “The Bees’ Needs: Supporting Native Pollinator Populations in our Working Landscape,” by John & Nancy Hayden.

For more information, contact us at or by phone at 802-335 -2000

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